Why Doesn’t Netflix Offer Live Events (IE Sports)

Netflix has gained its reputation with an extensive library of on-demand content and quality. You can easily access new TV shows and movies as well as gems that have played a significant part in your life. Other streaming services have started to offer broadcasting of live events, such as sports matches. However, Netflix has not joined the other companies just yet. Broadcasting live sports events is expensive and needs a different infrastructure. Here are more reasons why Netflix doesn’t offer live events.

It Would Be Hard To Stand Out From Other Broadcasters

When it comes to broadcasting live sports events, it could be difficult for Netflix to stand out from its competitors. There might be limited options on how the company could make its broadcasting different. However, the market is unforgiving, and seeing the results of its competitors might sway Netflix in a similar direction. Outlets like Arab News can help you to stay on top of all media news, and you will be first to find out when Netflix and other streaming companies launch a new feature.

Obtaining Licences Can Be Very Expensive

Another factor that is holding Netflix back from broadcasting live sports events is that the company might not be able to afford it. Obtaining licenses for sports events is very expensive, and it is difficult to succeed. While Netflix can pay millions of dollars per episode of The Crown, other companies pay the same amount even before they can start working on the technicalities of broadcasting. Then, they would need to count in production costs on top of that. 

Original Content Adds More Value To Netflix Users

A library of on-demand content can constantly provide customers of Netflix with new value. The TV shows and movies they offer will be relevant for a long time, and viewers can always return to them without feeling like they missed out on something. On the other hand, broadcasting live events is much different. The value of the content decreases significantly only minutes after the broadcasting ends. Therefore, it might not be worth it for Netflix to invest in the new venture, at least for now.

Broadcasting Needs Special Infrastructure

If Netflix decided to start broadcasting live events, it would need to invest in plenty of new technology and employees. They would also need to come up with a different infrastructure. Employees working on broadcasting live events need to have a completely different skill set than those focusing on the on-demand content. Only with the right technology, systems, and expertise would they be able to provide their customers with the content of high quality.

Netflix Users Might Not Be Interested In Live Events

Netflix built its reputation as a provider of on-demand content. The streaming platform allows you to access original content and return to movies and TV shows that might be your long-time favorites. Because this is how Netflix built its reputation, it is possible that the users will not be interested in broadcasting live events. After all, it gives the company the opportunity to focus on what its customers truly need and how to improve their current user experience.