5 Solid Reasons Why Video Content Marketing Important

Video content might be your next best addition to the marketing campaign. From creating videos for landing pages to social media posts, webinars, emails, etc., they are super versatile.

However, when you consider incorporating video content, many questions would arise. Is it worthwhile to think about using videos to promote your business? Do you have the right tools and equipment to produce and utilise video material for marketing? If not, you should hire a professional video production company right away! Meanwhile, here are the top five reasons for video content marketing that will help you expand your business.

What is video content marketing?

Video content marketing is when a brand creates video content to increase internet visibility. Such videos are typically broadcasted on YouTube or a social network. Other video marketing channels include webinars, courses, live videos, or self-hosted short films.

5 Reasons why video marketing important

  • Drives website traffic

When it comes to driving potential customers to your website, videos do an excellent job! Good quality videos created with the help of digital marketing by Chain Reaction can be used to promote your business on the website and social media. Engaging and high-quality videos also help in excellent audience targeting. 

  • Boosts brand credibility

Gaining client trust is one of a brand’s main marketing objectives. Videos help link your brand with your target audience while providing helpful information. Video content also helps convey meaningful messages and create a better emotional connection. 

  • Video retains consumers longer.

The average user spends more time on websites with video content than any other material. A video captures the attention better and makes you watch more than plain boring text. A second factor might be the superior ability of video explanations to aid in knowledge retention. Producing product videos, how-to, or demos may broaden your audience and improve viewer retention rates. 

  • Important for SEO 

Do you know that Google likes videos equally as much as you do, particularly YouTube videos? In fact, you can increase your chances of ranking better in the search results by including at least one video on a website page. In this case, making a film regarding the subject you’ve written about on a particular page would be a straightforward approach. 

  • Harness the power of social media

Promoting videos on social media is highly effective for directing customers towards your brand and services. The low cost per click and highly-targeted method to direct your adverts to the proper customer are two of the biggest advantages of video marketing on social media.

Hire the best video production company in Dubai

Videos are among the most consumed content across the world. So, if a brand video is engaging and different from other brand videos they have watched, people will share it with their friends too. As a result, this will boost website traffic for you! Luckily, digital marketing by Chain Reaction is here to help. Their unmatched professionalism is your ultimate destination for all your video production needs. Whether you need professional movie-making or YouTube videography, they emerge as the best video production company any day!